Gâteau de Chocolat

Today it rained. Today it rained a lot. After festering in the apartment for most of the day we decided to visit the climbing wall in Les Houches.

Les Houches Climbing Wall
Les Houches Climbing Wall

It was very busy – only the foolish would have attempted climbing outdoors today – and there seemed to be a lot of muscles on display, from both men and women. I felt quite inferior for a while, but then felt a little smug as at least I didn’t look as daft as the bear chested beeny clad youths!!

There was plenty to have a go at and things quietened down towards the evening, but by then my arms were knackered.

In fact they were so knackered I couldn’t possibly lift a saucepan, so we simply had to eat out…. which of course included desert – gâteau de chocolat.

A suitably named wine
A suitably named wine
Gâteau de Chocolat
Gâteau de Chocolat

Series - French Cakes

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  2. Fraisier
  3. Fraicheur
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  7. Les Miettes
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  9. Gâteau de Chocolat

7 thoughts on “Gâteau de Chocolat”

  1. The wall at Les Houches looks good……… did Pete have his top off 😯 😯 ?

    I notice 2 spoons in the pic with the chocolate gateau….. surely you didn’t share one 😀

  2. Pete didn’t take his top off – nor did I!!

    Indeed, Pete ordered the cake, but I managed to help him out just a little – tho’ I really was quite caked out by then! 😐 = very round fat face with no cheek bones showing at all!!!

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