Eldon Hole aux rabbit

Some vague arrangements had been made with Clive for a caving trip on Sunday. We had several options and a possible team. In the end the trip turned out to be a photographic one with Clive, Ann and Lisa down Eldon Hole in the Peak District. Clive had been the previous weekend and spotted a picture he wanted to take.

The daylight shaft with Clive below the lowest rebelay.

Eldon hole is a daylight shaft with a chamber off the bottom, reached through a dig. From the chamber there is an upward pitch to the well decorated Millers chamber that Clive wanted to photograph. From that chamber another short pitch went up to more fine formations gained through a tricky thrutch move just off the pitch head (tricky for me anyway, if not other shorter, thinner, more flexible types).

Clive landing at the foot of the shaft.

The trip must rate as one of the smelliest I have ever been on. From the base of the shaft, through the dig and to the first chamber the place smelled bad. After Lisa, Ann and I had been up to the topmost formations we regrouped in Millers chamber for photo taking duties. Clive was using some new slave units which worked faultlessly on ever shot.

Lisa on the rope below the thrutch move.

After the photos had been taken we headed out and found the reason for the smell, a dead rabbit was lodged in the shoring for the boulder chock. Lisa de-rigged and we all agreed it had been a very enjoyable trip.

The rabbit hanging about in the boulder choke shoring.

No cake was harmed after the trip out of consideration for future thrutch moves.

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