Le Gateaux Gingembre du Café Berger

We decided to check out the new CC hut in Grange this weekend and what a pleasant surprise. Not only is it a wonderful hut but an old friend and new CC member, Christian Minnett, was staying there too with his friend. Only two others, apart from us.

After a good late afternoon session on Shepherd’s, the inevitable cake-up at the caf occured and here you see the impressions for Terry’s next upper incisors in the ginger cake..

Anna, I don’t know if you’ve met this Siamese cat yet at the hut, but he was prowling around and up to no good for sure. He seemed to be feeding from the skip?? We also saw a red squirrel.

Sunday started well and we headed for Black Crag but it was still exceptionally wet. Although it threatened rain all day, it never actually happened. Here is Christian on top and you see the, ‘threat’ in the background.

One route each was enough and we soon adjourned to cafe berger for more cake. Nice to meet up with Syd and Eileen, and all concurred that we hadn’t seen the usual friends at the caf for some time. I rather hoped Anna and Ian might pass by but it didn’t happen.

3 thoughts on “Le Gateaux Gingembre du Café Berger”

  1. Hi Terry, I am touched that you missed us. I think car stuff and garden stuff were going on; next time give us a ring.
    And I am very excited about the Siamese cat, whom I have not met yet. I will have to make a trip armed with sachets of expensive cat food :yum: to try and tempt him/her to talk to me 😀 .

    BTW Pete, we think the sightings thing is for grey squirrels so that armed snipers can go and pick them off (and barbecue them)…

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