Mini-mountain Marathon

On Sunday the first Dark and White Mini Mountain Marathon event was staged. The format was a 3 hour score event … i.e. run around for 3 hours and visit as many controls as possible (in any order). The location was lovely Castleton. After getting up rather too early I arrived in Castleton for about 9.20. Parking was on the road because of the soggy field at Rowter Farm, so after the 1 km warm-up I reached the start. The map stretched from Rushup Edge to Hope and from Edale to Cave Dale and controls were sprinkled throughout. I started out along Rushup Edge, I dropped down to Edale, up to Barber Booth, back down the Edale Valley, up to Hollings Cross (almost) then over the bottom of the Mam Tor range of hills, then in a roundabout way made my way to Castleton and then, again in a roundabout way made my way back up to Rowter Farm. I arrived back with 20 minutes to spare. I knew there was a control approximately 10 minutes away (slightly uphill) and after some mental persuasion I went for it and arrived back to the finish with minutes to spare. A cup of orange juice and then tea met my return, which was fabulous! A great little event and I think I got about 14 miles of exercise. I re-fuelled at the Hassop Book shop cafe with coconut slice and sandwiches.

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with Sunday – but if anyone wants to hazard a guess at it’s location …

Guess where?
Guess where?

PS. I was top of the young ladies… yay. Don’t ask about the old ones!

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