Autumn (Fall) in Canmore, Canadaian Rockies

Enjoying Indian summer with day time highs in low 20s and freezing nights. Soon be time for ice climbing but presently still roller skiing…

And scrambling on Mount Princess Margaret, overlooking Canmore, on scramble devised by Everett and Doug Nelson in 2001 and repeated by Terry in 2002, with long variation involving 7000ft of ascent.

7 thoughts on “Autumn (Fall) in Canmore, Canadaian Rockies”

  1. I came across grass skiing in Oz – I guess they are using simlar gear but I did not know they did it on roads like roller skating.

    That scramble sounds like a fun outing!

  2. Yeah, its quite common to see them roller skiing around Canmore on the roads, in training for the season 😛 . These guys are so keen 😮

    That scramble was a knackering outing 😐

  3. The best scramble in the Canmore area is the ESE ridge of Lady MacDonald. The description is online at:

    Another great route is the NW ridge of Grotto Mountain; it’s a couple grades easier than the Lady Mac route but very worthwhile. The Princess Margaret scramble that I did with Terry is between the Lady Mac and Grotto routes, but a bit more complex since you have to obtain permission to cross private land (the Harvie Heights quarry owned by Lou Kamenka). I can send more details if you’re determined to try it.

    If you’re in Canmore give me a call and I can supply details. Conditions just now are not good for doing anything in the alpine in the Canadian Rockies; we’ve had snow in Canmore for the past several days and it will be a while before the ridges come back into condition.

  4. i live in canmore SUMMERS anyway. done most of the scrambles around here. want to do peachee(i’ve been to the start of it) and Princess Margaret. One of the Apline Club guys was to do PM tommrow but the SNOW cancelled it. I’m gone for a week as of next friday for a week to work on the Lake O’hara Hut with the club. i’d love more details if you have them.. greg rudowsky 3008 3rd ave. you must be here also

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