Project in Copper – Part 2

Following the hap-hazard hacking of the copper hot water cylinder, it was time for some real metal work. Aided by my good friend Richard G. we set about some metal bashing. We snipped, blow-torched, quenched, bashed and buffed before producing an artefact surprisingly close to what we imagined. After spending an entire morning hack-sawing the cylinder, it was good to have the help of a man with more power tools, for more operations, than you could ever imagine.

After completion of the pictured artefact we retired on the basis that we needed a plan … this was somewhat lacking except for an overall impression.

The plan is now in place and we await the next metal bashing session.

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6 thoughts on “Project in Copper – Part 2”

  1. The mind boggles – the copper plate obviously (?) looks like a leaf now – but what on earth can the final article be ❓
    And is that some clever copper welding to attach some of the copper piping to form a stem ❓

    All very intriguing!

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