More sloes than a very sloe thing

Ingredients for Sloe Gin
Ingredients for Sloe Gin

While were walking around the stone circle in Avebury, we came across a bush covered in sloes. Fantastic, we thought. More sloe gin on it’s way.

Despite the fact that they were possibly possessed with very druid-like greatness, we decided it wouldn’t be such a good idea to start picking them, after all we were on a site of very historical interest. We took to the road and looked out for more bushes.

A few miles up the road we took a turning to nowhere in particular and found not one, not two, but five bushes absolutely stuffed full of the most massive sloes I had ever seen. 😯

Maybe it was because we were in the south, maybe they get less rain and more sun. Who knows, but we filled a bag in no time at all – leaving the bushes still full for the next pickers.

Now we have 3 litres of sloe gin on the brew.

Sloe Gin brewing
Sloe Gin brewing

Oh and yes – I couldn’t wait until Christmas…. I had a little taste of the first batch I started. :yum: :yum: :yum: :yum:

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3 thoughts on “More sloes than a very sloe thing”

  1. I kept the southern sloes in separate bottles so I could compare them – the northern batch is now in a Bombay Sapphire bottle.
    Strangely, the sloes reduce the alcohol content. Can the chemists among us tell us why?
    However, I’m sure if I drink enough, I will still end up horizontal one way or another. 😆

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