Caving weekend?

The aim of the weekend was to do some caving in Yorkshire, specifically Grey Wife Hole. During the week I had briefly chatted with Sloth and discovered that he would be at the hut too so a pleasant evening catching up on news was in prospect.

After the drive up and breakfast at Bernies I went to the hut and found the place occupied by members all busy drinking tea. Alarm bells rang as I realised that I had turned up in the middle of a work weekend. Sloth was wearing a set of overalls, clearly indicating that he had come prepared and must therefore have known about the weekend plans. He had neglected to tell me.

Sloth; you are a git.

New bunks, apparently for students?

Forgetting the caving for the day I mucked in and drank some tea. Later Fiona returned from a walk and prepared a stunning dinner as only she can. The evening was spent sitting in front of the fire and chatting. Even some chipboard, a parachute flare and a bucket of petrol did not interrupt sitting in the warm for long. It would me nice to report that this was down to maturity but alas it was because most of the membership had the lurgy.

The fire place works well but more tea drinking is needed to finish the edges.

The following morning, balanced was restored when one member who had been to the pub the previous evening was dropped off by taxi having visited the local A&E after falling off his push bike in the pub car park and dislocating a shoulder. Everybody was very concerned about the bike. More tea drinking eventually started about mid-morning and continued until people started to think of the drive home.

No caving done but a good weekend none the less. (I must be getting old.)

The hut has two vacuum cleaners. Both go up to eleven.

7 thoughts on “Caving weekend?”

  1. Colin, don’t understand the point about both vacuum cleaners “go up to eleven”?

    Hmm, now I’m wondering what the difference is between a Hut and a House? To my mind Greenclose has always been a caving hut

  2. Sloth, you never correct anyone who calls it a cottage. I will always call it a house from now on as Pete thinks it is a hut.

    Pete: Spinal Tap. If you haven’t seen it, do so. (It goes up to eleven.)

    Gits: As Pete knows he is the only one with permanent git status, all others only suffer the punishment for the duration that they continue to earn it. There are only two people on the git list at the moment.

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