I’m a climber get me out of here!

Climbing isn’t the only dangerous part of visiting Australia. There’s no sign of Ant or Dec, but these are some of the creatures we have come across at the crag… A free witchetty grub sandwich for anyone who can name all of the flora and fauna we’ve seen so far!

Series - Australia 2008

  1. Australian Rock
  2. Blue Mountains
  3. The Australian Alps
  4. I’m a climber get me out of here!
  5. The Greatest Crag in the World … ?
  6. Farewell to Arapiles … for now …
  7. G’day Kats
  8. Emu Holiday Park
  9. Hello Grampians
  10. Crikey! Australia Zoo
  11. Glass House Mountains
  12. Rainforest meets Reef
  13. Quizzing in Sydney
  14. Reunion in Kiama
  15. The end of the Australian Adventure

7 thoughts on “I’m a climber get me out of here!”

  1. Witchetty grub’s taste great, eat em head first otherwise they get stuck in the throat, I prefer to cook them on a stick over the fire rather than eat them raw. They sell them in fishing shops in paper bags which is a great idea for something that eats wood….

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