Rainforest meets Reef

I had dreamed of visiting Daintree for years. It looked so idyllic, with tropical rainforest right next to the Great Barrier Reef. Of course, it’s far to hot and humid to climb, but it seemed like a great place to relax after a month on the road.

I wasn’t disappointed. Daintree Eco Lodge was luxurious. The rain forest was alive with bird and insect sounds. It was very hot and humid, bur that gave us a good excuse to do not much except relax and take it all in.

The reef trip on Poseidon was fantastic. We took an introductory diving course and did two dives as well as some snorkelling, seeing the most amazing fish and coral. Sorry no pictures of the diving, but there is a rather sexy picture of me in a stinger suit – it’s stinger season right now so better to look like a telly tubby and be safe. 😉

I would have liked to have seen more, but we were out of time… 🙁

Here is a collection of shots from the three days we had there.

Series - Australia 2008

  1. Australian Rock
  2. Blue Mountains
  3. The Australian Alps
  4. I’m a climber get me out of here!
  5. The Greatest Crag in the World … ?
  6. Farewell to Arapiles … for now …
  7. G’day Kats
  8. Emu Holiday Park
  9. Hello Grampians
  10. Crikey! Australia Zoo
  11. Glass House Mountains
  12. Rainforest meets Reef
  13. Quizzing in Sydney
  14. Reunion in Kiama
  15. The end of the Australian Adventure

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