No-one on Skiddaw!

With everyone in Keswick doing last minute shopping, Kelda and I took the opportunity to have a walk up Skiddaw. We were well rewarded with the mountain to ourselves for much of the time. The weather was mild, still and with high cloud; not like Christmas Eve at all!


Kelda was definitely going better than me, as Anna had persuaded me to go to the Wigton Runners last night. My legs only just loosened up in time for them to get tired……….. I had about a 30 second window when they felt fine. Disappointingly I was stood still at that moment having a coffee. The views though were well worth it.

Keswick from Skiddaw
Keswick from Skiddaw

Mind you, its surprising who you bump into on the Lakeland fells. This guy appeared out of nowhere on the top:

Appeared from nowhere on Skiddaw
Appeared from nowhere on Skiddaw

And then he was gone!!!!

(Well I thought it was more interesting than another dog on fell picture!)

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