White Christmas

We don’t get white Christmases very often in Birmingham, so we thought we’d do something about it—and the rather poor Birmingham skiing—by spending the festive season in France.

We came to Le Praz de Lys last year for a mountain marathon, but it looked like a fun place to ski in winter, especially as Rachel is just learning. The slopes are very quiet, the lift tickets are half what they are up the road in Morzine, and best of all, we’ve had gorgeous blue skies and sunshine ever since we’ve got here.

It's sunny for us, but it looks like clouds over Pete and Tish
It's sunny for us, but it looks like clouds over Pete and Tish

So far, there have been no casualties, although Rachel did end up skiing off a small cliff and ending up with her skis over her head in loads of very soft snow. Sorry, but I was too busy rescuing her to take any pictures. I’ll try to do better in future.

Rachel manages to smile and ski at the same time
Rachel manages to smile and ski at the same time

Apart from that, we’ve been stuffing our faces with excellent French food—we’ve been promised fondue tonight—and generally enjoying the scenery and culture.

10 thoughts on “White Christmas”

  1. Ah – le famous French Fondue. Best washed down with lots of French red wine.

    Did you get the amazing winds last night – no not from the French food or traditional British brussel sprouts! We had 60 mph winds in the valley. I think the lifts are opening this afternoon, but it was still much too windy this morning. Thought we might just take it easy, eat a little, read a little, snooze a little. 🙂

  2. Slopes look good, better than a couple of years ago at Christmas when we were dodging rocks. 😯
    Dont worry about crashing a lot Rachel…. your supposed to. Yellow team motto: “if you don’t wipe out, your not trying hard enough” 😆

  3. Oh, and the fondue was fantastic. We’ve been having a caricature of french cooking since then: Beef Bourguignon last night and Pot au Feu tonight. I’m expecting snails and duck next!

  4. We didn’t eat out at all while we were there, apart from the occasional crepe, so we probably aren’t going to be much help. The hotel we stayed at was Le Chamois, and we thought the food was pretty good (simple but done well) so we’d recommend it. It’s not in the village centre though, it’s halfway down the L’Hotel lift.

    The bar at the top of the L’hotel lift is also nice. There’s a pizza place and a couple of others in town but we haven’t tried them.

    Sorry I can’t be more help.

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