Blog’s Third Birthday

Watching the blog grow can be a bit of an obsession! Since the first report at the end 2005, and last year’s birthday report we’ve had another bumper year…

Some of the key statistics are amazing – well I think so anyway! Check out these current figures:

Checking the site every day to see what adventures others might have reported is so exciting. What a great surprise when there’s a new report, it’s almost like you’ve played some small part in, or experienced a little of the adventure too!

Keep visiting. But most of all, get out and have an adventure to keep those reports coming… 😀

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14 thoughts on “Blog’s Third Birthday”

  1. Through the dandruff I can count only 16 countries. You cannot claim UK, England, Wales and Scotland.

    The best statistic for me has got to be the 340 reports. That number alone shows the level of commitment that has made the UK economy what it is today.

  2. I think the stats are amazing!!! although sometimes when you put something on the blog its a liitle strange to think it might be read by anyone around the world 😕 😕 a bit creepy??, but just learning to use it has helped me find my way around my computer…. cheers Pete!!
    Surely the UK should be split into England, Scotland, Wales, N Ireland and Yorkshire? 😆

  3. Have you considered how you will archive all of our adventures for generations to come. Are you going to record them in a timeless fashion and produce a 2050 time capsule?

    1. I haven’t really thought about how I might preserve the memories – any more suggestions? What might the “time capsule” look like?

      Although I already use the blog as resource. For example, when I can’t remember when someone did something, I just look it up by searching the blog’s archives…

  4. Pete, yes you have some good stats and to have a google rank of 5 is good. However of more use perhaps is the number of visits per month and page views per month.

    Without putting a dampener on your stats, a hit, if I’m not mistaken, is something that is seen by a bot or visitor (e.g a picture, link, etc). So if your page has 10 pictures, a few links etc then these all go create a hits even though one page may be viewed. 😕

    1. Yeah, the page rank is good – in fact it’s better than “good” it’s ace! And it’s even better now too – it’s gone up to 6! Now that’s motoring! 😀

      Hits – yes, anything that is served by the web server is a hit. But robots don’t usually touch pictures – they get everything they need to index a page and it’s content from the HTML. So your understanding is a little flawed. Plus, if robots don’t index pages, people can’t find them on search engines, so indexing is a very – perhaps more – important source of hits.

      Anyway, all I’m saying is that I’m pretty pleased with over half a million (and growing) hits a month… All the blog’s authors should be too, it’s their – your – content that is making it so popular! So, a big thank-you to you all! 🙂

    2. Numbers of hits doesn’t really mean that much to me as a non-geek :geek:
      What I think is ace is the 340 adventure reports in 17 countries (or is it now 16 after the above debate?). 😯
      … and also the fact that we get comments from the general public – have you seen the mouse one?

      Oh and Pete is hiding his light under a bushel – lots of the fancy things we see on the web (stuff I sometimes don’t even see but would miss if it wasn’t there) he has written himself and has published for other geeks to use for free. He gets lots of comments about how good they are. :geek: :geek: :geek: :geek:

      1. I know what you mean about the numbers that these geeks use (is it polite to use that term?). I thought a low page ranking was good but now it looks like six is better than five. The information underclass is confused 😕

        Hope you aren’t telling us that Pete is responsible for the snow.

          1. Here’s a quick run down…

            • Avatars allows global and local avatars against comments, posts, pages, etc.
            • Archive creates a complete archive of posts.
            • Country adds country flags (including searching) to posts.
            • Notices adds a scrolling ticker tape of notices to a blog.
            • Last Year Widget is a widget for side-bars that brings back posts from this period (day/week/month) in past years.
            • Image Link makes thumbnail images in the excerpt on the index page into a link to the post.

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