Staying Cold……………..

The last blog from me for the year…………. and the last few days have seen me out and about with my friends Chris and Penny with her son Harry and with Caroline, my sister, with her family, Steve, Emerald and Crystal (and Anna). On Sunday we had a walk around Borrowdale, Tuesday up Skiddaw, and today up Langstrath to the”Woof Hole” near Cam Crag. The weather has been pretty cold (have you noticed??), but that has at least given some great views…

Here’s just a selection of shots:







4 thoughts on “Staying Cold……………..”

  1. Wow – what brilliant pictures.
    Looks like you’ve ben having a fantastic time.
    We’ve been stuck indoors working these last couple of days 🙁 but hoping for some outdoor adventure in the newly fallen snow tomorrow.

  2. All i did when I put them on the laptop was crop them, but I did try a few exposures at the time ( about 20!) and used that “stopping down ” function on the camera to make the pic darker because of the glare. Oh, and I tried to make my sister look taller and normal, but photoshop couldn’t cope!! 😆

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