Another New Year Resolution????

Well its New Year, and for the 34th year running I’ve made it my resolution to get fitter!! Anna and I started the year with a run around Buttermere……… still pretty cold, but we managed quite a good time.


Anna pounds the miles!!

It was a bit worrying though when the Buttermere Bigfoot came out of the trees and chased me down the track……. at least it made me run faster!! (Oh, and Pete I’ve enhanced this photo by giving myself blonde hair and slight botox on my face!!)


Bigfoot chases me through Buttermere

8 thoughts on “Another New Year Resolution????”

  1. Sadly the first photo doesn’t show the frost and ice at all. The waterfalls look frozen across the lake – but when you get to them the ice is actually quite thin over the water.

    However, some of next door’s fish have got frozen into the ice on her pond!!!!

  2. trying to keep the bloggers entertained in what is a time of economic turmoil πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯
    the blonde hair, white shoes and socks are going to be my new look for this climbing season. I’m going to try to do for climbing what david Beckham did for football.
    My brand is: “Old Fat Bloke” πŸ˜€

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