Project in Copper – Part 4

The home brewing kit/solar heating system is taking shape. Richard G. and I spent the afternoon metal-bashing in his freezing cold garage. The structure is not finished, so no jumping to conclusions … and for the record, I don’t like garden ponds.

Canoeing perhaps?
Canoeing perhaps?
anyone for a spot of ice climbing later?
anyone for a spot of ice climbing later?
Richard G. and a watering can
Richard G. and a watering can

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15 thoughts on “Project in Copper – Part 4”

  1. That remark about the pond is almost worthy of Colin.

    And it only took six edits in wordpress to get it all looking right! The copper-wrangling was easier than the wordpress-wrangling.

  2. It appears to be mounted on a kitchen worktop. Is it an egg timer?

    RIchard: Thank you for you comments on wordrepress, I thought it was only the information underclass that had trouble using it. Now that I know that the information overlords can have trouble as well I don’t feel any better about it. πŸ™„

  3. Time will vary with the amount of water in the watering can, its height above the timer and the flow restriction. Egg cooking times could be measured in litres. :mrgreen:

  4. I couldn’t believe it when you reminded me that you had mentioned this amazing structure to us back in the summer, and that now I can’t remember what you said! 😐 I’m seriously thinking about hypnosis to try to recall that conversation! The mystery is killing me…

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