A Trio of Running

A busy weekend!

Friday night was cake night – or a date and walnut loaf and seven types of flapjack (yes Colin there are only 5 types in the picture as we ate two of the varieties)…. chocolate, coconut, maple syrup, fruit and nut, apricot, mincemeat (sweet variety) and all the above mixed together (which was delicious)

Saturday …an orienteering event on the Wyche Ridge in the Malverns at lunchtime, followed by meeting up with a university friend at the lovely ‘The Kettle Sings’ (although I didn’t hear it) cafe. Followed by a second orienteering event – a night event again on the Wyche Ridge (yes it was an advantage to have been to all the controls before! Richard won both events and is very pleased with himself 🙂

Sunday, the day of rest, was spent doing a 15 mile fell race which visited 6 trig points/or noteworthy features of Cannock Chase! A wonderful run, I think I finished in 2hr20, Richard was probably around 2 hours. We both ache and are walking like John Wayne 🙂


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