Betws-y-Coed Cakes

As Laetitia wrote, we enjoyed a cake and coffee at the train station in Betws-y-Coed! :yum: :yum:


Nice cake 😀 , tasty (grown up ?) coffee latté 😉 , and a look at the model trains 😛 . But, can you believe that the train station cafe doesn’t have a toilet, directing it’s patrons to the public toilet outside in the car park!? I have two issues with that…

  • One, what if it was raining? Great customer service.
  • And two, the public toilet costs 20p! :angry: Not that that is a lot of money, its just the principle of it – buy an expensive (albeit very nice) drink, and you also have to pay to pee it back out again! 😕

We won’t be going there again!

6 thoughts on “Betws-y-Coed Cakes”

  1. It’s not clear from Laetitia’s post just how many went for tea/cakes, but I think 3 pieces of what look like very nice cake just for 1 person (or was it 2?!) is a tad ‘big eyed’! I also note that there appears to be ‘extra’ cream on 2 of them!

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