A Flitting Trip to Rjukan

Terry and Bernie (or Berny in Norwegian) had an extended long weekend to impinge upon Smiler’s CC meet to Rjukan.

It had been minus 15 max temp for a week and Rjukan was even colder than usual. Here you see a view of Rujkan from the Ossimosis road, with the hanging cold mist.


Any hopes we had of great deeds were quickly put to rest, as Terry’s new crampons and not so old axes struggle to make an impression on the iron-like ice of Vermorkbrufossen Vest WI5.


A better view of Terry’s new ‘Teeth’ are shown here at Krokan.


We did a bit of exploration too…

Here we are looking for tracks at Bolgen. But none to be found.


So quick retreat for ‘cragging’ at lower Ossimossis.


Syd and Eileen were playing on the upper part….


We also explored further afield, in an attempt to find sunshine and warmth. Here you see the wonderful sunny cascades at Presenil.


Trouble was, there wasn’t a trail. Neither was it clear exactly how to approach them through the private propery on the roadside. It seemed likely that the guide book writers had never been there and more clarification is needed in future editions, we felt. We took our chances and walked across the farms, but were soon knee deep in snow (remember Yoho??). A quick retreat was called for and we saved the day at Krokan.

But by far the most enjoyable route was ‘Blindtarmen’ WI4, in the Upper Gorge. This has a really steep main pitch, which you enter from the saftey of a belay cave, reminiscent of Louise Falls and as hard, I felt.


Here you see ‘Berny’ just exiting the first pitch.

15 thoughts on “A Flitting Trip to Rjukan”

  1. No Pete, that would have been pushing my new teeth too far 😮 Besides, you can see a crack near the bottom 😀 In fact, I probably shouldn’t even have been standing there 😯

  2. No, not this time 😆 But we did manage a trip around the museum, whic was very interesting :geek: Happened to bump into most of the ‘meet’ participants, getting away from the snow (that day) and cold 🙄

  3. Well, Ian, as I said, it as very cold 😐 and had been for a long time. So the ice was iron-hard 😮 and difficult to get good placements 🙁

    However, our large group didn’t seem to cause too many problems, since they tended to dissipate :good: Also, it was great fun at night, all being in the same accommodation, as opposed to last year 😎

    On the last day, I got wet belaying in my cave, which was dripping water (probably from a spring) :geek: By the time we’d finished the climb, my soft shell was frozen solid, as were my gloves 😯 Now I’ve got bona fida frostbite in my little finger 😥 Good job it wasn’t in the big mountains and I was able to get to the cake shop quickly for treatment (at £11 per cake) :yum: :yum: So I don’t think the finger will fall off 😯 But you never know 😕 As the frostbite surgeons say, ‘Freeze in January, amputate in July’ 😈 😈

  4. Well Petes, its discoloured but not black, so I probably warmed it in time :good: I did think about photograph for blog but couldn’t get satisfactory ‘close-up’ 🙄 However, if it does drop off, we can feed it to Anna’s cat :yum: :yum:

    But there is a lesson here :geek: It shows how complacent we’ve become with all these warm winters 😳 Years ago, for example, I’d wear BD ice gloves and liners :good: But for the last few years, I’ve just worn thin windstopper gloves with coated palms and that’s worked perfectly well, even in Canada :love:

    1. Hmm, do remember that story about Brummie Stokes frost bitten toe? He was showing it off at a party, somebody tapped it and it dropped off….then the dog ate it 😯 😈 :yum:

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