A little sole

Further to my entry on Saturday, I’d glued on the soles again.

But today, I woke up with one of my cats (Hebe) sitting beside the boot I’d repaired. This was a tad unusual. I shook the boot, and nothing fell out. I put the boot back and had breakfast. Hebe was still hanging around, so I took the boot and looked inside.

This is what I saw.

My little friend
My little friend

6 thoughts on “A little sole”

    1. I’m assuming he’d (or was it a she?) arrived in the house with assistance from one of the cats :yum: , but was unhurt and in fine fettle 🙂 .

      I took the boot outside, and let him go and he scampered off into the undergrowth. So a happy ending (for him at least).

      This was my first unannounced visitor of the year.

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