Long Mynd Valleys Race

Richard and I spent Sunday running the Long Mynd Valleys Race – a 12 mile fell race with a whopping 4500 feet of climb. It was a snowy day, with snow actually falling around us in the second half of the race! This made the race great fun. Going up the very steep climbs was somewhat exhausting however coming down was great – on your bum!

The race started from Carding Mill valley and went north to Jonathan’s Rock, we then turned west and uphill onto the top of the Mynd and onto The Port Way which took us south as far as Minton Hill. The way back was over the eastern edge of the Long Mynd and was extremely hilly going over Minton Hill, Packetstone Hill, Callow Hill and Yearlet before heading down to Carding Mill Valley again.

I finished in 2hr 50 and I think Richard was about 35 minutes faster than me … although he is walking around like John Wayne today and I’m almost passing off for being normal!



A really great race! and much needed soup and tea at the end.

Photos courtesy of Alastair Tye.

11 thoughts on “Long Mynd Valleys Race”

  1. Sorry, my machine at work took me to the first picture on the page when I clicked on your link – the man with the bloody knee who was in the lead at the time, but ended up 3rd. Rachel’s since pointed out the picture I was supposed to see!

    No, I wasn’t in the lead at any point. Those fell runners are serious.

  2. The whole process leaves me speechless and breathless. It reminds me of what I 😮 used to get up to 70 years ago. Mind you, there’s still life in the old dog yet!!

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