Black and Light

At last … we went to South Wales, we aimed to go into DYO and for the first time ever, the weather allowed us to go in! We did the round trip with a few add-ons and were very impressed with the wallpaper. The entrance was interesting; through the showcave and then through the lakes where the water is literally up to your neck. Richard, Brendan and I had chosen to swim the Green canal and so were clad in wetsuits which helped the situation a lot. Keith and Chris were not and so got a little chilly! Caving in wetsuits was so tiring – a good way to get fit! The Green Canal was fun too (although less so for Brendan!!!).


We stayed at SWCC and in the morning set off for a run. The weather was rather nice with good visibility and so we set off to places that we had run before but never seen before because of the mist. We ran from the South Wales caving hut at Penwyllt, across the valley up the hill above DYO, then out to the edges at Picws Du, then down to Llyn Y Fan Fawr, then all the way down to the valley and the hills in between to the slopes above Crai Reservoir and then we followed the dismantled tramway back to OFD Pant Mawr National Nature Reserve which is just above the SWCC cottages. We met a nice frog or two along the way too 🙂

In the end we ran about 16 miles – no wonder we ache a bit today!



4 thoughts on “Black and Light”

  1. Bloody hell, the DYO round trip and a 16 mile run! In my dreams I can’t do that much! 😉

    DYO’s “wallpaper”, I don’t remember that?
    HE HE, but I do remember the Green Canal clearly! 😛 Why didn’t Brendan enjoy it?

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