Playtime in the Bow Valley

Idleness dictated the Canmore Junk Yards for our first day. Warm at minus 5C.

Well, it wan’t entirely thro idleness. Terry wanted to test his recovering finger. Happily it survived the afternoon well, suitably padded and insulated.

Marj comes up the ‘Scottish’ climb on the left side. Nice view down to Canmore. The reservoir was part-frozen and people were diving off the ice into the water for a swim!!!

Marj on rapell. Now you know the part I mean.

5 thoughts on “Playtime in the Bow Valley”

  1. I’m missing Canada really badly this year! It feels almost like a second home that I haven’t been too for far too long… 🙁
    [ note to self: Make sure to catch that plane next year! 😛 ]

  2. Ice looks great 😀 :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    Good to see finger is still on, but if it comes off you could keep something handy in the glove finger………. a cigar?? fudge?? any other suggestions/ ❓

  3. Apparentley,the people diving into to resevoir were on an official rescue course :geek: to rescue people falling thro the ice on frozen lakes 😐

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