It’s Tuesday….so it must be Nakiska!!

As is not unusual, Terry is temporarily out of climbing partners.

So what could be better than to go for a Ski at Naksiska down in Kananaskis.

How’s this for low density of skiers? Imagine this in Europe. And perfect powder too. But wasted on me.

But this is what I really like about this place. Big 4X4, relatively cheap gas and the open road!

But exreme cold forecast (-28), with more snow. So maybe there will be even more reluctance on the part of potential partners?

3 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday….so it must be Nakiska!!”

  1. Snow looks great for skiing Terry, and no chance of a thaw then despite the milder temps 😆 😆
    Keep an eye out for Steve Reid who is in Canada and might be a possible partner :star:

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