Canadian Cats

Our climbing friends in Canmore, Everett and Lucille, have commented on the absence of cats in my recent posts. I postulated that all the cats were indoors this time, because of the extreme cold (as you would expect of cats)

So I attach a picture of their cats, Didi and Joey. Whether you like cats or not (like Pete), you have to admit these are two beautiful animals!


10 thoughts on “Canadian Cats”

  1. Hmm, for the record…

    I do think domestic cats are beautiful animals! Perhaps a master stroke of natural selection (evolution is very topical this year) or just selective breeding, either way it’s got them well placed within the human world? They are also quite amazing creatures, perhaps a perfect predator?

    My issues with them are directly related to the two facts above about how amazing and lovely they are… Firstly, their place in human society is unique, they are the only domesticated animal allowed to roam freely. Absolutely every other domesticated animal must be controlled, contained or leashed in some way. This exemption allows cats to perpetrate my second issue, the indiscriminate murder they dish out to small (indigenous, sometimes rare, and sometimes made extinct by the cat!!!) birds, frogs, etc. every day/night – for “fun”. This despite their being well fed by their human owners; which is why I suspect them of being evil. Surely murder for fun is the very definition of evil? Also of note is the fact that cats themselves are not indigenous in Europe, North America, etc.; which relates back to evolution, their prey has not evolved to cope with a nightly onslaught from dozens of well fed (by humans), and therefore in top condition, alpha predators.

    So yeah, they look super cute, but this disguises a very dark side!

    Maybe to make everyone happy they shouldn’t be freely allowed out to wreak havoc with local wildlife? Or maybe they should be de-clawed (i.e. take away their weapons)?

    I for one would like to enjoy seeing more blue tits, chaffinches and hedgehogs in my garden…

  2. I agree with you Pete, some nice things can have a dark side: the govt is going to tax chocolate to stop obescity 🙁 🙁 .

    PS. I still don’t miss the dodo. 👿 👿

    Oh Terry ; lovely cats. :love: :love:

    1. There maybe a niche in the ice climbing glove market there Jon…
      Imagine the benefits of having a cat’s claws when gripped on a scary ice pitch? 😎
      Forget leash-less axes, you wouldn’t need ice axes at all with gloves like that!

  3. The best cats are other people’s; they don’t need feeding, clearing up after, de-fleeing, vet bills, etc & most importantly don’t eat your wildlife (unless they belong to the neighbours) but they (usually) let you stroke them & purr. They’re also useful for keeping your lap warm in the winter.

    1. Neighbors cats are the worst of all. The little bu88ers use your garden as a toilet!!! You spend ages working the soil, breaking up lumps, removing stones, and then planting some seeds, only to find the next day numerous piles hiding numerous poohs!

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