How’s this for a Cat?!

Terry’s postcard from Canada this year rightly says, “How’s this for a cat? Imagine him walking around the Grange [CC hut] car park!”


What an awesome creature this Cougar cub is though! πŸ˜€ Super cuddly (…looking)! I think I’d like to have one of these – to kill all the domestic cats that crap in our freshly dug vegetable beds! πŸ‘Ώ

7 thoughts on “How’s this for a Cat?!”

  1. The domestic cats that are crapping in your vegetable patch are only being helpful. They are helping to fertilise the soil and make your tomatoes grow better. You should be thankful we don’t have elephants as pets!

  2. elephants in the back garden? It’s been done! See news article below
    Northern Ireland’s Belfast Zoo is celebrating its 75th anniversary with an appeal to clear up a mystery which has puzzled staff for decades.

    The zoo wants to identify a woman who lived nearby in the 1940s and looked after one of its baby elephants in her garden to save it from German bombs during World War II.

    More than 20 of the zoo’s animals were put down during the Belfast blitz of 1941 for fear that they would break free and attack the public.

    But thanks to the mystery woman, the elephant was saved, and lived on for a quarter of a century.

  3. No pets at all for me – cats :angry: , dogs πŸ˜› , cougars 😎 , or elephants :mrgreen: – much as I’d love to have, they just get in the way or work and, most importantly, climbing trips…

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