Trowbarrow after work

We left work early on Wednesday – well, relatively early as my usual departure time seems to after 7pm these days (boo hoo!) – and made our way to Trowbarrow for some evening cragging.

It was pretty busy, but there’s enough there for everyone.

We chose a couple of classics: Assagai and Coral Sea. Both great lines, both well polished.


It was nearly dark by the time I finished!
It was nearly dark by the time I finished!

11 thoughts on “Trowbarrow after work”

    1. Not wanting to be a geek :geek: but, yeah those flutings are amazing … however, they are REALLY common limestone features, it’s just that you don’t normally get to see them like this…
      The level of the top of the face was the level of a limestone pavement and the flutings are just one side of a “gryke”; the deep fissures left by water in a pavement. The “clint” (the slab of limestone between grykes) on the other side of the remaining fluting has been quarried away! Sad for the limestone pavement, good for the remarkable climbing venue it created!

  1. Has all that stuff on the right fallen down yet ❓ ❗ I’ve still not done Cracked Actor – I’m waiting ’til the Friend 5 I bought for the Bugaboos trip fits ❗

      1. Didn’t a bunch of stuff fall off last year or the year before ❓

        What with belay ledges on Lower Falcon collapsing and lumps of Dow heading southwards, there’ll be no crags left soon ❗ 🙁

  2. The cracks ARE moving 😮

    i did jean jeanie and harijan consecutively about 8 years ago and thought them about the same difficulty.

    Then I did them both again last year and felt jean jeanie about the same but harijan seemed much harder. Reason being that I thought the jamming on latter was more difficult ie the crack had widened 😕

  3. No, no, nothing to do with polish :geek: jjeanie gets 10Xmore ascents than Harijan :star: Believe me ❓ the crack is wider and, yes jon, whole pile more did fall down over a year ago 😮

    1. OK, I believe you Terry – as it’s you – I wouldn’t trust anyone else! 😉

      Jon the clock is ticking, sounds like Cracked Actor should be done ASAP… That is before the next lot of rain, oops, it’s raining now! 😯

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