Birthday Bird Nesting Box

Laetitia’s birthday present this year was a bird nesting box for the garden…

She’d been asking for one for a while, but she had to wait for her birthday, which is of course the way it should be. 😉 However, it is a bit of a shame because most of the birds have already built their nests for this year; apparently some start selecting their nursery in October! But it’ll be great for next spring! 😀

Bird Nesting Box with Hi-Res Video Camera
Bird Nesting Box with Hi-Res Video Camera

It is a super cool design, complete with a high resolution video camera (and sound) to capture live images of the nesting birds within. Plus, it was way less expensive than the similar RSPB version; the RSPB should be ashamed of the prices they charge – it’s nothing short of shameless profiteering off the back of their credentials as the country’s “birding” society! Anyway, if you want one too, click on the image above. The kit is amazing – everything you could possibly need is included from drill bits and screws to the nesting box itself, camera and cabling. There’s even a set of hole sizers to select the type of garden bird (blue tit, robin, etc.) that can move into the nesting box. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Birthday Bird Nesting Box”

  1. Is there no escape from the surveillance society? Are you expecting your birds to hoodies? 🙄

    Instead of using the technology in a sinister way why not set it up so that the birds can view a screen fed by an external camera so they know when a cat is on the prowl?

    Technology can be used for good or evil. Which one you choose is up to you…

  2. Andromeda watches our neighbours bird box cam to see what the birds are up to……. that way she knows when to pop out for a snack!! :yum: :yum: :yum:

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