German Wildebeests spotted in the Lake District!

Watch out, there have been some rare German wildebeests spotted at the Lake District. It seems like they have had a fantastic time climbing in British rain and bouldering in the Paradise “Eden” at St. Bees. They are addicted to Sticky Toffee Pudding and can easily be tamed by feeding them with this delicate dessert. They were spotted mainly arround some of the popular boulders of the Bowderstone, St. Bees and Langdale, also cranking up some of the Langdale climbs and scrambling up Mt. Helvellyn. They are especially friendly with the Lake District sheeps and did love the outdoor shops at Ambleside (also known as “Amblessedy”).

Peter Sterling invited them to visit the Lake District and they had an absolutely terrific time with Pete & friends – watch out maybe you can spot some somewhere around the world soon. It is still a secret but they might to be seen soon in the South of France and Quebec (Canada). 😉

Thanks for a great time Pete, Tish, Ian, Jon, Anna & co.!!!

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15 thoughts on “German Wildebeests spotted in the Lake District!”

  1. It was great to have you visit! 😀

    Fantastic bouldering photos – you were lucky to find such great weather at St Bees when the rest of the Lakes was so wet! 😛
    Weren’t there some other, “arty”, shots too? 😯 HE HE!

  2. We really enjoyed your company. It was great that you could stay with us, and I’m glad the sun came out to play at least for a while.
    We’ll bring over plenty of sticky toffee pudding to keep the beasts satisfied. :yum: :yum:

  3. yeah, it is well known that Wildebeests from the inner parts of Germany like the English seaside. I took a wildebeest from Munich to Cornwall one time and it returned for holidays for years to come 😎

    From a compositional ‘point’ of view, it looks as if a fall on either of the first two photos could be extremely painful 😉

  4. Great “arty” photo 😯 😯 😯 I’m deinitely going to Germany if thats the usual method for bouldering 😈 😈
    Maybe it might give our girls some ideas eh boys? 😆

  5. Hey guys anyone looking for some fun. I went rock climbing with my granny and she fell and died. Shame, she was very good. OH well! Fortunately she choked on a stone and fell to her death. There was a massive mess. I was then stranded for days so i had to eat her flesh. Bye guys 🙂

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