Lakeland Letterboxes

The weather didn’t look so great on Sunday morning when we eventually got out of bed. The ‘A’ Team at Grange were off to Black Crag, but we thought the rain was imminent, so we chose a very unusual activity for us – a walk…

… but not just any walk.

Pete did a bit of surfing and found the clues for the Lake District Letterboxes. He marked them up on a map and we selected a few that were closest to home… on the Rydale Estate.

The first letter box seems to have been replaced by a geocache. The second and third clues were far more fun, and required navigation and pacing.

Miserable weather on Low Pike
Miserable weather on Low Pike

Lake District Letter Boxes Complete – 3; 87 to go!!!

Series - Lakeland Letterboxes

  1. Lakeland Letterboxes
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  7. More Grizedale Letterboxes
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  9. Martindale Letterboxes
  10. Coniston Coppermines Letterboxes
  11. Walna Scar Road
  12. Summer Evenings
  13. Letterboxes, Birthdays, Climbing Wall & eBay star
  14. Charmer’s Grave
  15. Lingmoor Tarn
  16. Holme Fell Scramble and Letterboxing
  17. Barrow Door Letterboxing

4 thoughts on “Lakeland Letterboxes”

    1. Great – check back to see how we do. Although I suspect quite a few of the Lakeland letterboxes have been lost to Geocaching! šŸ™ Not as much fun in my view, no stamp to “collect”, just plastic trinkets that are best thrown out with the cornflakes box they came in… šŸ˜‰ But the biggest “loss” for me is that the GPS unit takes all the skill out of the game – one just has to (blindly) walk to the point where the GPS directs you. Often there isn’t even any clue, description, etc. to accompany the Geocache, just a location (grid ref or latitude and longitude). It’s so much more fun (and challenging) to get out and, for example, walk N paces to find a real feature on the ground. It encourages people to observe the beautiful surroundings letterboxes are often located in! šŸ˜€

      You must also let us know how you do on your holiday… :mrgreen:

  1. Yeah, I’m with you on the geocaching. No skill in reading a number and walking until the handheld GPS matches it. Map reading is a skill.

    So, how many boxes did you find in the end? Any chance you could post the clues? I’ve found a number on the net, but given it’s a long trip, and keen to have as many clues as possible.

    Been doing some mad trips to Dartmoor from Brighton (for the day) and had quite a bit of success that way. In two visits I’m over 50 so at least 1/2 way to the 100 club. Also got a number in the Sussex area as well, so building a nice collection.

    Trip to Rydal is next week so I’ll let you know how it goes and what I find.


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