BBQ summer fizzles out

It was the last walk of the AW Thursday night walking group, and true to form for this year the weather was rubbish. Not deterred though, there was a good turnout; probably because this is usually a shorter walk to allow longer in the pub! Our target was Great Mell Fell, only a short walk with about 300m of ascent, and we were soon on the summit:

Emerging from the mist
Emerging from the mist

John led us on a roundabout route down and around the hill; this only made us wetter and delayed the beer….. which we certainly deserved!!

4 thoughts on “BBQ summer fizzles out”

  1. The weather is appalling here. We should all emigrate to the Dolomites.What does AW stand for? After Wednesday?

    We’re running across Wales next saturday and I’m sooo excited!

  2. Sabiene enjoyed herself: “This is fun” she chirped whilst skipping through the rain. Of course she was not one of the people who ended up on their backs, or face down, in the mud…….

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