Expedition Medicine

I was lucky enough to be asked again to help out with the Expedition Medicine course based in the Lake District.

Tuesday was really wet, but I spent a good afternoon teaching basic rope skills, navigation, and basic casualty carrying techniques to a group of doctors. As always, they are really easy to deal with, only need to told things once, and generally remember it. A long way from Sunbury and trying to teach a figure of 8 to the kids from Feltham!!

Today was the scenario day, with a number of teams looking for casualties above Falcon crag in Borrowdale. All the teams moved their casualty to the evacuation point and the Great North Air ambulance arrived to give us a rundown of the aircraft, the equipment on board and the stretchers etc. used in moving casualties.

Exped Med 09 09 013

Exped Med 09 09 009

This was a really informative day, not just for the doctors and me but also for the walkers who happened to be passing by!

Exped Med 09 09 019

2 thoughts on “Expedition Medicine”

  1. I sometimes wish I was a doctor just to go on these courses, they are so interesting even to the lay person. (I’d need a doctor’s salary to afford the fee though!)
    They loved Sir Chris’s illustrated lecture the night before too.

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