40th Wig Party

Birthday Cake!
Birthday Cake!

A couple of weeks ago we received an email from Rachel: “Surprise 40th birthday party for Richard”. The theme was wigs. This caused great excitement in the Sterling household. We love parties, and we (well, I do anyway) love dressing up.

I made a trip into the centre of Blackpool and found the perfect wigs – pink for me (of course) and a Scottish theme for Pete. It was amazing how much it suited him.

A few cryptic emails later and we had directions to the venue. We got there early, with the other guests, and waited in the kitchen for the birthday boy to arrive.
When Richard opened the door he looked a bit stunned. He knew something was happening, but he had no idea how many people would be there, and he had no idea about the wigs. He looked around trying to work out who was who, and then opened his surprise box to find a rather fetching Afro. Champagne corks popped and we all laughed.

Everyone made a great effort. Thanks for inviting us Rachel, and thanks for hosting the party Tina and Russell.

Rachel & Richard
Rachel & Richard

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  1. Thanks to everyone for coming, particularly Pete and Tish who had the longest drive to get there. It was a very fine party (at least I thought so). The pictures are great too. Thanks again! 😀

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