Sloe Sunday

When we woke up this morning it wasn’t raining. We stayed in bed for a bit , watched Andrew Marr, a cartoon or two, and it still wasn’t raining. In fact, by midday, there was blue sky and sunshine.

There was only one thing we could do – go out!

We decided on a local walk up through the fields and around Craggy Wood.


We had armed ourselves with plastic bags because we knew we’d be passing a backthorn bush. We thought we were probably too late, but we found the bush still full of big fat juicy sloes.

Lots of sloes...
Lots of sloes...

Not wanting to be greedy, but I just had to get the ones higher up.

... but the best ones are always just out of reach.
... but the best ones are always just out of reach.

The sloes are now in the freezer, waiting until I get a spare hour or two when I can add the all important ingredients of gin and sugar.

6 thoughts on “Sloe Sunday”

  1. My book says that sloes are better when they have been frosted and the skins have burst open. So it may not even be too late for us to go collecting. I just asked Richard if he wanted a collecting stroll up the road, but he’s succombed to the central heating (for the first time this year) and his laptop 🙁

    1. Yeah, they are supposed to be better after the first frost. But there’s a cheat; just put ’em in the freezer before you use ’em. 😉
      We’ve had a couple of frosts now, so those we collected on Sunday should be great! :yum: But we’ve collected them before the first frosts too and they were okay. Not sure if the ones Dave & Fiona collected in August won’t be a bit too bitter though! Maybe in need of a little extra sugar?

      Poor show Richard, imagine putting your feet up with a good booklaptop in a centrally heated house over getting out to sort out your supply of sloe gin for Xmas! I thought you were a super fit kinda guy! 😯 💡 You could combine the collecting with a run…

  2. Have you finished all the sloe gin from last year and previous years??
    Mine is ageing nicely – well, ageing anyway – but I plan to try sloe jelly when I can get to a shop that has gelatine.

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