2012 arrives early in Cumbria

Well, its that time of year again. We had the Carlisle floods, last year the OMM was flooded out, and now the rain has returned. Is this what the Mayans predicted??
Some parts of the county got 7″ of rain overnight with a further 8″ promised for tonight. The local roads are flooded, and with Aspatria on a hill, its a bit difficult to find a route out….

the road out..... about 3ft deep
the road out..... about 3ft deep

Even the railway wasn’t looking good, with all trains west cancelled……..
Anna paddles on the railway
Anna paddles on the railway

Unfortunately, the high winds are looking like they may kill the greenhouse again, and the garden is flooded. (I never did get the pond dug.)
Our local stream is normally a 2′ wide trickle….. this is how it looks this afternoon
Our local stream
Our local stream

Anyone got a boat????

16 thoughts on “2012 arrives early in Cumbria”

    1. I got sent home from work early 🙂 Only just made it through on the Mealsgate road. Didn’t bother trying the normal one, nor plan B, nor plan C. Wish I still had my Land Rover!

  1. Its a bit wet up here in torridon too although we did get some sunshine on bienne eighe yesterday. We were a bit worried about the roof tiles on our lovely new cottage so took the time to sort out the house insurance last night just incase the roof blows off.

    It looks like it’s going to rain all night so you better build that boat before you go to bed.

  2. Hmmm, went paddling about down at Eamont Bridge this afternoon, whilst all the other Lakes teams were bailing out Keswick and Cockermouth. Fingers crossed for Carlisle eh?!

    1. I didn’t want to get too close to the greenhouse in case it exploded like last year!
      Will try to get a paddy field photo tomorrow or the weekend.

      In the meantime I’m just relieved we are a few feet above the nearest river with a railway cutting to take the overflow. In Cockermouth our friend’s pub has water over the counter 🙁

  3. Luckily our house hasn’t floated away either.
    I was coming back on the train from Birmingham last night and we got told there was nothing going north of Preston. All staff on the train and in the station, except one sour faced woman on the train who really should not be in the customer service industry ❗ , were very good.
    I think I got the last train north out of Preston – phew – managed to get to Oxenholme easily enough, cross over the Kent in Kendal, nearly floated away when I went through a HUGE puddle on the A591, got turned around before the Eagle and Child, but managed to get home from the other entrance.
    A591 blocked now, so I can’t go to work (shame!)
    Feel sorry for all the people on the train going to Scotland. They got booted out at Oxenholme. What happened to them I wonder.

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