Yad Moss – Pennine Skiing

I got up early this morning, with the intention of taking advantage of the winter climbing possibilities in the Lakes.

It snowed heavily on my way to Keswick, and although Borrowdale was passable with care (not much care to be honest, just lots of momentum and wheel spinning!), it was clear that wherever I might want to stop the car, I wasn’t going to be able to get it back out again! Disappointedly, I put my sensible head on and turned for home.

Fortunately however, I knew Pete and Vicky were off to Yad Moss for a spot of plank-action, so I invited myself along for that instead!

I’d not been to Yad Moss before, situated just over the Pennines from Penrith, near Alston, and didn’t really know what to expect. Having been, I still don’t know what to expect because the whole place was in cloud all day and visibility was down to 50m or so. Still, it was definitely snowy, definitely skiing, and definitely a giggle!

The Facilities! Erm... basic but functional?!
A spot of lunch - Adam, Pete & Vicky
Views from the top (or was this the bottom...)

3 thoughts on “Yad Moss – Pennine Skiing”

  1. V prompt blog Jon, well done! Was going to do Alp d’Huez but gave up.
    After 18 hours back home, withdrawal symptoms mean I feel the need to try local skiing some time.

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