High Spy… with my little eye,
something beginning with S ?

With the cold spell continuing, the snow has lasted pretty well; we met our friend Chris and headed up from Grange to the ridge between Maiden moor and High Spy. The snow was a mix of powder and hard wind scoured ice, but we managed to pick our way around all day without crampons. The views had been used up by everyone else in the previous few days, so there was none left for us…. (viewmeter starts again on Jan 1st) and a cloudy cover hid them and often the route from us.

Skiddaw peeks though the cloud, for just a moment

There were some patches of good snow, but these were solid and defeated Anna’s efforts at making a snow angel for Tish!!

It wasn’t long before the call of the cake shop had us heading down…..

I'm going down for cake!
Full moon over Spyatri

4 thoughts on “High Spy… with my little eye,
something beginning with S ?”

  1. A very sociable day out meeting John, Elliot, his g/f, Liz, and Muffin – plus a lovely friendly horse – on the walk, Annette in the car park, and Neil, Steve and Jude in their several shops in Keswick.

    Happy New Year everybody, and Bonne Annee to those in France.

  2. Hey Anna , It seems you and Amy had the same idea 😆 She was making snow angels up Upper Grotto Canyon, but in deep powder and -21C :freeze:
    Let’s hope my angel pic can be inserted.

    Amy's Snow Angel

    Happy New Year to Kats and Angels around the world 🙄

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