Chamonix New Year

It seemed strange to leave England’s fantastic snowy weather and arrive in France for a week’s skiing only to find it raining! But of course up higher it was snowing.

Floodlit Slalom Racing
As Anna says, one skiing picture looks a lot like any other. That is unless the skier in question is one of the real French Olympic team (note to Ian 😆 ), so we took a trip out one evening to see the French slalom ski team at the floodlit les Planards. The last time I was at les Planards it was to whizz down the concrete toboggan run in the summer! 😛

That's not snow falling, it's rain!

How many dudes-in-red does it take to organise a slalom race?


Faster, faster!

New Year
As everyone knows, Chamonix goes Mad on New Year’s eve…

Laetitia's in front of her favourite Chamonix shop...

Fancy celebrating New Year by eating some fire anyone?
Paying respect to "Balmat and Saussure" New Year style!

Oh, and some Skiing…
In between the rain when we thought we actually stood a chance of seeing where we were going, and when the lifts were open enough to warrant the trip out, we took to the slopes.

Lots of fresh powder snow
Check out the snow laden trees!

And finally
The traditional reward for a day on the hill … cake! :yum: Sorry, the camera lens had fogged up from the transition from freezing cold outside to warm in – but we couldn’t wait any longer for it to clear, the cake’s looked too tasty! 😀

Cake - yum!

5 thoughts on “Chamonix New Year”

  1. Great skiing pics.. although Tish looks a lot colder than you Pete on the slopes :freeze: :freeze: (that is you in the lycra doing the slalom???). Is that a new jacket Tish is wearing??? Looks great!!

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