Olympic Ski Team on High Pike?????

With fairly good snow cover continuing, Anna and I took the opportunity to grab our friend Helen for a ski tour up High Pike (also Andy and Sabiene’s neighbour). Helen has been coach to the British Cross Country Ski team, so we were hoping to pick up some useful tips!! It was move over Franz Klammer; as 3 Eddies (the eagle) geared up and set off.

Gearing up at the car park

We had hoped for sun, but this soon changed to snow showers and whiteout; somehow we finally found the top!!

The top!!
Anna re-hydrates on the top!

The ski down didn’t go without its mishaps, but it was all over far too soon , with the descent only taking 10 minutes or so…….. and with the flat light it was often impoosible to see what was ahead or if it was up or down.

2 thoughts on “Olympic Ski Team on High Pike?????”

  1. Comment on the photo of me rehydrating: I made a good start to the day by failing to ski across a cattle grid (between the place we actually parked, at the top of a hill, and the car park down below)so I was consoling myself with Andy’s champagne!

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