We went to see Avatar in 3D tonight. Just one word sums it up – awesome! Everyone we’ve met that has seen it is right – it’s brilliant. We could have watched it the week it was released in plain old 2D, but we decided to make the trip to Lancaster to get the full 3D experience; a long way to drive (30 miles, when our nearest cinema is just 3 miles away) but worth every inch of the journey…

Forget the story (which is a great old favourite re-made) the cinematic experience is one of the best we’ve ever seen.

If ever there was a “must see” at the big screen (in 3D) movie, this is it! :star: In my opinion this is the movie making industry’s ultimate answer to anyone ever watching pirate downloads – make the cinema experience impossible to beat. Avatar in 3D is unbeatably brilliant…

Real D 3D glasses - so much better than the "old school" blue & red lenses of old!

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