Night Ice

Popped in to see Li’l Pete after work this evening (and got offered dinner, which was nice!). Got chatting about winter routes that might be in condition, and decided to go and have a look at Trough Gully on Carrock Fell, as we’d both heard it was in good shape.

After a tasty pudding (custard creams and custard – why have I not thought of that before?!) and a hasty gear pack (too hasty as it turned out – I forgot my gloves) we slipped and slid our way past Mungrisdale and Mosedale and headed up the eastern slopes…

Not really sure what we’d find, we followed what appeared to good tracks leading to a natural narrowing in the steepness ahead – presumably this had to be the gully?

Sure enough, two fantastic looking icicles hung out from the left buttress, guarding the entrance to the gully proper. A quick discussion whilst donning the sharp stuff, and we agreed to solo the main gully system to the right and just see how we got on, digging the rest of the gear out if we needed it.

L'il Pete on the first steepening

The ice in the gully was perfect, with enough of a dosing of snow mixed in to prevent brittleness, and a smattering of neve thrown in for giggles. Pure joy, and 15 minutes down the road after work!

L'il Pete on the second steepening

(Apologies for dodgy photos – it was dark!)

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