Blencathra Ski Tour

Today I joined Sean ( ) and Chris for a ski up Blencathra….. it was as busy as an alpine ski resort. Walkers, snowboarders and skiers were all over the mountain. It was extremely windy near to the top and I would think the people we saw on Sharp edge had an exciting time!

Sean on the long skin up to the top
The busy slopes of Blencathra

The higher we got, the stronger the wind became. We were forced to put Kelda and Tipsy on their leads incase they got blown off the ridge. It’s quite tricky getting a rhythm going uphill with a dog tugging you off balance! I didn’t mind, as I knew I would get my revenge on the way down, with Kelda having to run all the way to keep up.

Chris on the way up

Avery windy summit

Finally it came to the down bit, and as usual it was all over far too quickly, I’d say less than 10 minutes to the point where we reached the track and the skis came off for a wander back too the car. I wonder how long it will last?? Maybe Pete should have had an option for skiing in the Lakes or Derbyshire for the blog meet in July??

Sean skis down

Fresh powder all the way down to the car!!

4 thoughts on “Blencathra Ski Tour”

  1. The dogs did really well to keep up, and Kelda is still in her basket :zzz: :zzz:
    As you know Pete, a bit of snow on the hills and they can look completely different and take on a whole new character!! 😀

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