The Other Side – Courmayeur!

Today we went somewhere new; through the tunnel to the other side of Mont Blanc… Courmayeur is sunny and has amazing views of the more dramatic side of Mont Blanc.

Lunch with Mont Blanc's Brenva Face as a backdrop.
Watch out for the drop!
With the Dent du GΓ©ant in the background...

We’re on our way to Cogne for some ice climbing… πŸ˜›

7 thoughts on “The Other Side – Courmayeur!”

  1. Pete, you must have been really reprimanded by Tish…. you lok SO told off!! πŸ™ πŸ™
    On the Other Side is it necessary to always have a sample on the table 😯 incase you need to have it tested for something? Of course, it is believed it keeps you looking young if you drink it every day….. :yum: :yum:
    you are looking a lot younger Pete πŸ˜†

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