Laurence and Maddie Learn to Ski

Laurence and Maddie have come out to Chamonix to learn to ski.

They arrived at Geneva on Saturday afternoon, so we just had enough time to get the skis, boots, poles and helmets from the hire shop before dinner.

Sunday morning came early, an Alpine wake up call of 7.15am. Shocking!

We drove to Les Houche where Laurence and Maddie would be having lessons. We decided this would be nicer because the slopes are gentler than Chamonix and so they should have more fun as beginners.

It seemed like chaos as about 200 children were organised into groups and taken up in the bubble lift to the beginners slopes. Laurence and Maddie were soon getting used to their skis.

Laurence and Maddie getting used to their skis
Les Houche ski slopes

After three days of lessons I decided it was time to check out their progress. They’re doing pretty well, and skiing pretty fast, keeping in control during their turns and managing to stop without crashing. Tomorrow they’ll be using their poles.

Maddie in a snow hole
Laurence and Maddie getting ready to show me how it's done
On the chair lift

I took this video from a chair lift.

Just in case you thought it was all ski, ski, ski, there’s also the delights of French food to be had.

Crépe aux chocolat

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13 thoughts on “Laurence and Maddie Learn to Ski”

  1. Managing to stop without crashing? You mean there’s another way?! 😯

    And as for the delights of French food, I hope that was for pudding after Double Orients all round… :yum:

    1. We have just had ‘Americans’ all round for dinner. Maddie managed half, but the rest of us coped just fine. Laurence was sure he’d manage a Double American, but when he saw the single he said “hmm they are a bit big aren’t they.”

        1. The Orients have the spicy sausages and the Americans have the burgers (with bacon and cheese options). Both are :yum: :yum: , and both are stuffed with fries of course. The American has a little lettuce and tomato, for aesthetics, I’m not sure what the Orient may have.

      1. I think Grim’s referring to the “Gee guys, I wouldn’t park it there” incident. Apologies to any over-the-pond readers, but I guarentee you wouldn’t have liked this guy either!

        Double Orient all the way…

  2. Maddie writing :star: …
    I haven’t heard of an Orient before, but they sound yummy :yum:
    It was really cold skiing sometimes, especially yesterday :freeze: :freeze:
    But it was also a bit too hot the first two days. :angry: we put on too many layers ❗ ❗

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