Grange BBQ & Beer Meet

It was the Grange BBQ and Beer Meet this weekend. I’d promised to help Ian, but after a long week away in Nottingham I was a bit late getting there.

Pete and I eventually did arrive, just before 11am, and we found Ian, Paul and Richard planning the day’s events over many cups of tea.

Just one more cup of tea...

Another cup of tea later, and an exciting visit by a red squirrel, we eventually got our act together and made our way to Quatfoot Buttress.

Red Squirrel

Pete just had enough time before the CC Committee Meeting in the Peak to drag me and Ian up Go Between. I started the route by taking the first two pitches of Quayfoot Buttress. Nice and easy, despite being polished in places. Pete managed the thin moves on the crux of Go Between with style; Ian and I managed it with a lot less style and a lot more noise of the “take in” variety.

Quayfoot Buttress

After Pete left, Ian and I went up Abberation which is great fun and gave us no problems.

Ian enjoying Abberation

Ian and I left Paul and Richard at the crag to go shopping for more supplies and to prepare the food. It was an inspired moment when we decided to cook the pizza in a wok – the oven was broken.

The BBQ & Beer Crowd

We had a good crowd. Ian had prepared a quiz – Lakeland crags and climbs – which was great fun. I’m glad I was in charge of the stopping and starting the slides, cos I only knew a few of the answers. The quiz was won by Paul and Richard (Peak District in-comers).

I drank a whole bottle of wine!

After a night of snoring (apparently I also snored?!?!) we woke up to a very grey day. It wasn’t long before the forecasted rain came – horizontally. There was no climbing to be done, so we all packed up and headed off for a Sunday afternoon of other activities… to be continued…

Thanks for organising the meet Ian. Maybe it should be a regular event?

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    1. …and don’t use the excuse that the oven was broken. If you can cook pizza in a wok, I don’t see why you can’t cook cake in one too! 🙂

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