Long long Tour of Bradwell

The Long Tour of Bradwell was a fine, fine day out. Derbyshire was looking particularly pretty this weekend in the dappled sunlight, which made running around a large chunk of it even more satisfying. The race started at 9 am on Sunday morning and passed through the following places: Bradwell, Hope cement works, Pin Dale (up), Cave Dale (down), Castleton, Hollins Cross (up), Edale (down), Druid’s stone on Kinder Egde (up), Edale Valley (down), Lose Hill (up), Hope (down), Aston, Ladybower Dam, Bamford, Bole Hill (up), Stanage Edge (up), Hathersage Moor (down), Upper Padley (down), Leadmill, Abney Clough, Abney (up), Abney Moor (up), Bradwell (down).

In total we covered around 35 miles with 2000 m climb. Richard finished in 6 hours 15 minutes and I finished in 7 hours 32 minutes. Thirty-five miles was a fairly long way and when I finished Richard was still lying on the floor having not moved since he finished, I am nevertheless happy to report that this distance was classified as short in the Ultramarathon Running Championship Series, of which this race was a component.

(I’m mixing imperial and metric units in the distance and climb just to annoy Richard)

Richard striding downhill. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Vardy
Trying to eat sausage roll on the run is a difficult business! Photo courtesy of Jonathan Vardy
The view uphill towards Stanage Edge
Pure bliss.

7 thoughts on “Long long Tour of Bradwell”

    1. Well, I tried it out in Cave Dale and a fellow competitor told me to slow down! Of course I didn’t. I don’t think I’m up to speed on steep descents yet, but I’m getting the hang of shallower ones. The key is to slump your shoulders forwards so that your weight is forwards and then your shoes grip better, i.e. don’t run like a girl.

  1. Hmmm, looks like I’ll have to up my mileage before posting another ‘run’ report. Either that, or use some never before heard units of measurement to disguise the truth… 😳

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