West Cumbrian Run

Last month Sarah and I set off on the inaugural West Cumbrian Run in memory of PC Bill Barker who drowned in the 2009 floods. I was a bit worried because it was the first time I’d tried to run 10 miles! But I made it in a respectable time.

Sarah and me afterwards

Sarah was 1st lady! 😛 The prizes for the firsts (lady, man, and policeman) were worth £1,000 each!! I will have to try harder next year….

8 thoughts on “West Cumbrian Run”

  1. That’s Sarah’s nephew in the pushchair. He didn’t participate but was a member of our supporters team who came to cheer us on at the finish (thanks!)

        1. Mmmmm, I just rechecked – there is one in Ulverston on a weeknight – much too far away – or the (commercial, expensive*) Carlisle 10k at the end of the month which I don’t fancy but am now thinking maybe I should go! Thank you for the link.

          * but hey, you get a T-shirt!

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