Penrith’s Premier Bouldering Venue

Andy and Sarah popped ’round for a session, having bailed out of the Malham plan. Today’s featured hold…

‘Wile E. Coyote’

Andy had a play on the clockwise orange circuit, and might have found a solution to the last couple of moves I can’t get. Good progress made on the anti-clockwise blue circuit too – should get that next go.

Andy working the orange circuit

4 thoughts on “Penrith’s Premier Bouldering Venue”

  1. Yeah! 😛 Like that hold, can’t see much relationship to the character though?

    So, next, what about…

    …keeping the theme going, and an optimistic omen for your next running outing too. 😉

  2. Ok, so how do you think Wile E. Coyote would manifest himself as a hold then?! 😕

    Roadrunner. Pretty sure he’s there somewhere, but I’ll have to search him out. And if you see my feet move that fast up Blencathra, it’s cos I’m about to fall off.

    Meep, meep…

    1. It’s called a “Mickey Mouse move” (one of Boris’ terms I think). I can remember doing a Mickey on Manure Pile Buttress in Yosemite with Paul belaying. It was hot – super hot – and I was climbing a very thin 5.10d slab on spaced 4mm granite edges, as I stretched for the next sick-thin edge my feet popped, but the edge was just enough for a fast Mickey Mouse move (lots of friction and a lot less rubber on my shoes) and I was up! 🙂

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