Stretton Skyline and Long O’

The mushrooms in Hawkbatch Woods were fantastic this weekend….

Running was pretty good too. I ran the Stretton Skyline fell race – a 19 mile circular of Church Stretton that summited Pole Bank, Ragleth Hill, Cae Caradoc, the Lawley and Wild Moor. Richard meanwhile ran the Wrekin Orienteers Long O’, which happened to be in the same area. In fact, in a few cases the two events almost got a bit confused, with orienteers being told where the Stretton Skyline was going and runners following orienteers into the abyss. I was out for 3hrs 45 and Richard was out for 2hrs15. We rendezvous’d at the race finish and then we went to find well deserved cake!

We were so hungry, we only remembered to take a photo when we'd nearly finished.

11 thoughts on “Stretton Skyline and Long O’”

        1. Ah yes, I remember that bit. What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is… mine, to wit, upstairs neighbor brought Bill & me 2 slices of apple pie, and I ate them both.

      1. Bottom left, I’m pretty sure is a common stinkhorn. It was covered in flies when we found it, and certainly smelled strong. Latin name (I wouldn’t normally, but I can’t resist this one): Phallus impudicus 😯 I can’t think why! 😳

        Middle right is Yellow Staghorn fungus. Anyone want a go at the others?

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