What’s wrong with this?

What’s wrong with this picture?

On time?

I know it’s not a massive time difference, but it is another indictment of Virgin Trains! It made me laugh too – the stupidity of the train operators to say “on time” when it clearly isn’t. When, if ever, will West Coast mainline and Virgin trains get their acts together? This level of timeliness on top of a rip-off service … Richard Brandon should hold his head low in shame. :angry:

11 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this?”

  1. or, maybe Virgin hasn’t caught up with the fact that we’ve had GMT throughout the British Isles for well over 100 years. Possibly, they’re still operating on local time (although it was the railways that were responsible for introducing ‘standard’ time in the first place)?

  2. Yesterday I was going to comment that on the whole my trains are on time, and sometimes they arrive in London early 😯 but tonight we got delayed for 10 minutes at Lancaster.
    But in the grand scheme of things – I still prefer to take the train. A seat in the quiet coach and a good book. The extra ten minutes meant I could finish the chapter.

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